Sunday, July 4, 2010

Book 'Em Dano At The U Of A Bookstore

Rory J. Koopmans B. Admin.
Ward A, Edmonton Public School Trustee Candidate
#203, 8912-156 Street
Edmonton, Alberta T5R 5Z2

July IVth, MMX

Hon. David G. Hancock, QC, MLA
Minister of Education,
Progressive Conservative, Edmonton-Whitemud

Dear David:

Here's a positive development at the University Of Alberta. The Bookstore Espresso Press machine. I cannot express how important the written word is, even in ths age of raw data and computerization, books & other written forms are clearly more superior. Giving publishers a chance II publish their own works at a cheaper rate can do nothing but instill confidence in them, as well giving them a shot at reaching a wider audience. Whats sad is the Orange Alumni Magazine is going strictly online. I would argue there are many alumni who would say print the magazine for them on the press and save money. Certainly the school would reach a smaller audience, but the alumni would be proud to have a document printed on school machines. Plus not all alumni are computer literate.

Books Help With Learning & We Must Sustain That,


Source: The Edmonton Journal, Richard Helm.

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